Friday, July 10, 2009

Donut Day

Friday, June 5th was donut day. I guess Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme were giving out free donuts that day. My hubby came home with donuts on his brain and a gluten free recipe in hand. (My hubby switched to a gluten free diet a few months ago and feels much better.) So last Saturday we decided to try to make some gluten free donuts. And who says gluten free/dairy free is no fun?!? Ha. We used this recipe. It's supposed to be for jelly donuts, but we used it for cake donuts. YUM. They turned out awesome. I haven't really had good donuts since I quit working when P was born. Patients would bring in some top notch donuts, guess to keep the nurses fat and happy. :) These ranked right up at the top. I could not tell they were gluten free. They just tasted like an awesome donut, coated with cinnamon and sugar. MMMMmmmmm so good.Since we have a little boy in the house, we decided to use cookie cutters for the donuts. Of course he chose a car, airplane, fire truck and fish. So that's what we made, along with some donut holes and regular donuts. We ended up with a lot of donuts. We actually froze most of them. We had a few this morning and they were just as good after being frozen. We'll definitely be making donuts again.

Here are the changes I made to make these dairy free. For the buttermilk, I used 2 cups almond milk and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. For the butter, you can use any butter substitute or shortening.

Here's some pics for you to drool over. ;)

Ever see an airplane donut? Neither had I.

The car donut

And the fish. No pictures of the fire truck, cuz it ended up looking a little weird. Hard to tell what it was supposed to be.

Mmmmmmm think I'll go eat a donut now.

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